Apr 15, 2013

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Need advice to decide my next phone

I remember it was merely a year ago when the mention of Samsung and their Galaxy line of smartphones (or phablets some referred to it) would provide excitement to everyone. A year has since passed and it appears to me that everyone appears to have ditched Samsung devices and news of any Galaxy product release has so far been very quiet.

galaxy note


The Galaxy SIV was launched amidst massive hype and massive marketing budget but sales report have to date been lack-lustre. And now the Galaxy Note 3 has been released and yet I barely run into any writer discussing it.

I am not saying that I’m a fan of Samsung however in the past month or two, I have been seeing lots of good stuff about the Note II. I badly wished to get the Note II a year back but because my contract was not up for renewal then, I was forced to put it on hold. I tried to look at things positively in the past and told myself that Note 2 is very good but Note III ought to be greater. Given that my contract is nearly up and time for decision making, I found Note III to be significantly more than a little disappointment. If it’s good, why no body bothers to talk about it? But having seen a lot of happy Note 2 users in my own social circles, it’s been ingrained in me that the Note phablet is the next-best option to the iPhone.

I’m stuck now and could anyone tell me what to go for? Should I stick to my initial plan still and continue with Note III? Or should I consider other alternatives?

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