Nov 25, 2013

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Jeff Bezos and his insane air drone delivery idea

Jeff Bezos and his insane air drone delivery idea

Steve Jobs revived a failing tech company into what is the world’s most profitable technology giant today. Steve Jobs changed the way we purchase and consume music. Steve Jobs revolutionized the way we interact and use our phone.

Jeff Bezos revolutionized the way books are sold and consumed. Jeff Bezos revolutionized the way we shop for everything – from electronics, clothing to fruits and vegetables. And now Jeff Bezos is making an attempt to changed the way we receive our order delivery.

If you need further explanation on what that last sentence means, it means that you must have just traveled back from yesteryear to the present. Yes, here I’m referring to the air drone delivery that Amazon wishes to make a reality in 4 to 5 years time.


Everyone would agree that Steve Jobs is probably one of the most brilliant innovator that the world has ever had and he is hailed as greatest in our generation. After his death, he left a legacy that is too huge for anyone to take over. Even his personally handpicked and groomed successor, Tim Cook, is far from it. (Sorry Tim, but we still love you as one of the greatest operation executives)

If this insane idea of unmanned delivery ever comes to reality, what will you think of Jeff Bezos??

This will be much talk about topic that I’m sure everyone will be debating for the next few years to come

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